A new website - Markdown


This website has been created using RStudio, specifically the Blogdown package, that can be installed in R using the following piece of code:


The package can be loaded in the RStudio global environment by using:


The nice thing about building websites in R is that the text can be made up in Markdown, which allows you to present code, as seen above. You can also give commments with the code, like this:

1 + 1 # not executed

It is important to note that there are two types of Markdown. The regular Markdown does not allow any execution of code, while R Markdown does allow execution of code. For example, this post has been written in Markdown, and therefore 1 + 1 will not be calculated. Based on what you want to display on the website, it is important to decide which type of Markdown to use.In the other post, with almost the same title and content, I have used R Markdown in stead of Markdown. You can see the difference in the other post: 1 + 1 is calculated!

This website is hosted by Netlify, and the files that make up this website are available on my GitHub account. The website is powered by the Academic theme for Hugo. I have used Disqus to enable commenting, as can be seen below. Finally, if you want to build a website in R, a good place to start is here.

I will use this website to update you about the projects that I am working on!